Charged Particles

Energy drives humanity forward but this progress comes at a cost. From extraction and refinement, to transportation, solving the energy demands of the future is an ever increasing challenge amid the rapid pace of innovation, rising geopolitical tensions, and the increasing urgency of climate change.

AT EFI, we know that the charged particles that power society not only mirror the pace of global change but also offer a marker for the challenges of tomorrow. And if we are to meet those challenges, the next evolution of the energy industry must produce more power, fewer emissions, and reduce supply instability. The infrastructure of the future must be built for times of geopolitical crisis, interstate conflict, and market volatility. And we must be prepared for the unknown.

How will we meet the energy challenges of tomorrow, today? EFI brings together cutting edge analysis, thought leadership, and a forum for next-generation ideas. We are driven to build fresh solutions to tackle energy security and climate change in Central Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Eastern Partnerships countries.


Łukasz Antas

Łukasz Antas is a board member and Charged Particles Director at the Emerging Futures Institute and a managing partner in numerous consulting companies. An executive with a depth of experience and knowledge in energy markets, Antas is the author of many reports on the hydrogen, oil & gas, and the power generation industries. At EFI Antas is responsible for the environment and energy program.