The Emerging Futures Institute (EFI) was founded on a simple concept with big implications: the future is not static, nor is it written. Right now, we are facing a series of inflection points. And the decisions that we make to answer these challenges will not only shape the direction of our coming reality but the course of the world.

These challenges go far beyond the typical policy problem set. Rather, the questions of today and the ones soon to come will define our planet, our reality, and our collective future to a greater degree than any generation before.

The future is not written but it is in motion. It's time to answer the challenges that lie ahead.

About Us

EFI is a think tank dedicated to creating a better future, together. Led by a dynamic and young team based in Warsaw and Washington, the institute seeks to illuminate the path forward while avoiding the analytical and policy pitfalls of the past. To accomplish this, we believe that a bridge must be built between the experts of today and the emerging leaders of tomorrow.