Tension at the Border

Read our latest report on the artificially created crisis at the Polish - Belarussian border that served as an opportunity to spread disinformation and fuel xenophobia. 

Against the backdrop of the 2021 Belarussian-Polish border crisis, Russian and Belarusian actors attempted to influence the Polish infosphere and discredit the Warsaw’s response, sowing discord and raising existing tensions. Experts from the Emerging Futures Institute deconstructed this emerging disinformation campaign, dissecting the media space and analyzing which disinformation narratives were simultaneously cross-pollinated into the Polish digital ecosystem and discourse. 
EFI’s groundbreaking report assess the real-world impact of Russian and Bealrusian disinfo tactics on public opinion, how it is contributing to the further bifurcation and polarisation in Poland, and how emerging technologies can push back.

Read the report exploring how the West can effectively build a new digital toolkit to monitor, track, and negate disinformation in real time. Study also considers if tensions at the border were a preparation for the Kremlin’s forthcoming Ukraine War disinformation—and what can be done to stop Putin’s next move.

The report was created by technological support of SentiOne.

This report was funded by Open Information Partnership, but views and research findings are those of the Emerging Futures Institute.